The End, For Now

I’m borrowing heavily from my eloquent friend, Keli Tomlin, in saying that it is time – past time – for me to release Glossop Events into the ether, seeing where it eventually ends up; perhaps transforming and being born anew in the future. I’ve been fighting this for quite awhile, since I’ve gained some wonderful connections while I’ve done Glossop Events, and I’ve been afraid of losing those, and my sense of connectivity, but it is time to let go of Glossop Events – who knows what opportunities the future holds, both for Glossop Events, and for me?

Perhaps someone else in town is out there right now, budding with the spring energy, just wanting a project to focus on! This would certainly take dedication and focus, but it’s very rewarding. Given someone with a different skillset and attitude, it holds potential to make a living at it, too; I do hope someone takes it up – the need is definitely there. Even in the rather neglected state Glossop Events has been these past many months, the twitter following has continued to grow steadily; the website continues to get a steady amount of traffic; I continue to get emailed submissions for the calendar; etc – the need is there. I hope someone else takes up the baton of local event listings and does a good job of it.

Perhaps something else waits for me, just round the corner, to excite my passion again – once I let go of this. I used to light up when I did my eventing; it’s been a long time since that’s happened. It’s time for me to move on and find something else that lights me up.

I hope people continue to enjoy events in the local area, and remember that there are plentiful things going on locally. Go forth, support local events, enjoy them, be happy. 🙂

Photo by DttSP
Photo by DttSP